About Alizée

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Alizée Auvray is a freelance interdisciplinary designer from Paris, France. Now specializing in User Experience Design, she has 3+ years of professional experience in architectural design, graphic design, brand development, and web/mobile app development.  

She successfully finished her Architectural studies in 2018 at IE University in Spain, following the presentation of an Albariño Winery as her final thesis. After graduating, she moved to San Francisco and worked for INTERSTICE Architects where she developed the branding and the space of the Mia Carta wine bar in Napa Valley.

In 2021, she graduated from the General Assembly UX Design Immersive Bootcamp in London, shifting her professional interest from physical to digital design. Her relationship with General Assembly continued after graduating as Alizée is now part of the instructional team, teaching companies how to improve their UX skills.

/a.li.ze/ /aʊ.vʁɛ/